Hey! Nice to see you here.

If you are interested in buying one of my art pieces, you can send an email to biancabtcart@gmail.com to coordinate the payment and shipment. You can also follow me on Twitter or Nostr* and send me a direct message on either network.

I only accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment, both on-chain and Lightning ⚡️.

I do international shipping! – I’ve already shipped pieces to the USA and Canada using FedEx and UPS.

(If you live in Argentina 🇦🇷 : mandame un DM y coordinamos el envio por cualquier medio!)

A happy customer! 🤍🤍

Prices are different for each piece. Also, because each piece is unique, its price depends on demand! My cheapest art piece was sold for 500k sats ⚡️. If you are interested in a specific piece, just drop me a DM or an email with an offer!

I also take custom orders! Either physical or digital artwork. Just drop me a message and let’s talk!

Love you all 🤍🤍


Nostr*: npub1rukp00fmetcjl8r70rl8nrhw5kwpkghpacpkd9x4ms5gdh06xhtsjxz4f0