This piece shows the bitcoin price history, from it’s inception up to the block # 818102. The price is shown in polar coordinates, where each concentric circle marks an increase in value by powers of 10, offering a visually striking history of Bitcoin’s valuation against the measure of time represented by Bitcoin’s own mining blocks. A full cycle of the graph signifies the completion of 210,000 blocks where the bitcoin halving occurs, impacting its supply and value. This piece is unique!

How to buy?

  1. Send 500k sats ⚡️ to my Lightning Address:, or visit and pay 500k sats ⚡️ via Lightning invoice
    • Then contact me via Nostr or Twitter ( to coordinate shipment. You can also reach me via email at
    • Mi Nostr NPUB: npub1rukp00fmetcjl8r70rl8nrhw5kwpkghpacpkd9x4ms5gdh06xhtsjxz4f0
  2. Or contact me directly via Twitter ( to coordinate both payment and shipment.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I’ve already sent dozens of art pieces to different countries like: US, Canada, Germany, Venezuela, and more; using DHL.

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